The Workforce Development Council (WDC) is a council of the CEDA Board of Directors that guides and monitors the workforce development programs and projects of the Association. The membership of the WDC includes a minimum of 5 individuals who represent the varied business and economic development interests of North Central Idaho. The council may include a mix of individual representing member organizations and non-member stakeholder groups.
Regional School District Professional Technical Program Strategic Planning, please click here for report.
 A.    Identifies workforce needs for industry and sets goals and priorities for addressing workforce issues in the region;
B.    Reviews proposed workforce development projects, initiatives, and programs and determines the level of support and assistance to be provided by the Association;
C.    Provides oversight to workforce development projects, initiatives, and programs. Guides their development, monitors their progress for achieving desired goals, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors relative to the establishment, continuation, staffing and/or funding of the workforce development projects, initiatives, and programs. 
D.    Reports regularly to the Board of Directors on the progress of, and findings of monitoring activities related to, workforce development projects, initiatives, and programs;
E.    Collaborates with other regional workforce development councils, programs, initiatives, and projects when doing so results in measureable benefit to the region;
F.    Works to find funding and leverage existing resources for workforce development programs, initiatives, and projects;
G.   Balances the needs of industry with the needs of the workforce in development and implementations of workforce related programs, initiatives, and projects;
H.    Appoints committees to assist the Association in meeting its purposes and fulfilling its workforce development functions.
To see a full description and responsabilities of the Board of Directors, please refer to section 11.5 of the CEDA ByLaws. 
David Alexander
University of Idaho
Debbie Baker
Valley Vision
Melisa Bryant
Ida-Lew Economic Development
Janet Danley
Walla Walla Community College
Raymond Dixon
Universty of Idaho
Marshal Doak (ex officio)
Joleen Jenkins
PNW Arms
Lance Hansen
Lewiston High School
Lilly Kauffman
Nez Perce Tribe
Chad Miltenberger
Walla Walla Community College
Jeff Nesset
D.A. Davidson
Sage Stoddard
Idaho Department of Labor
Kellye Sharp
Idaho Department of Labor
Steve Stajkwski
Linda Stricklin
Lews-Clark State College
B.J. Swanson
Idaho Workforce Development Council
Katie Deibel
ATK - CCI/Speer Operations
Zak Russell
Moscow High School
Erin Cassetto
Community Action Partnership
Melinda Hamilton, Ph.D.
University of Idaho
Scott Corbitt
Clearwater Paper

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