30:1 Report

What do our members receive for their membership in CEDA? When you think “return on investment”, what does that look like? This 30:1 report is a five-year review of CEDA’s economic strategy and a look at how each program supports a return on our membership’s investment.

Over its 51-year history, CEDA has secured over $75 million in outside financial resources for North Central Idaho. These dollars, leveraged with $140 million in local funds, have contributed to hundreds of public and community projects. CEDA’s business development program has made $14 million in loans, backed by $22 million in private investment sources, financing small businesses across the region. The direct services that CEDA delivers not only touch the community but also support area-wide vitality.

CEDA works with our partners to promote regional thinking in North Central Idaho. When members speak as one voice through CEDA, we can be a catalyst of change.

For questions on our 30:1 report or CEDA services, please contact CEDA at (208)746-0015. For questions on specific services or departments within CEDA, refer to the “Contact Our Team” or “Our Services” section of our website.

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